Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Backyard Roses

Another small painting I'm saving for a September show. I've got a thriving Rose bush in my backyard that is left from previous owners; the flowers are small but profuse. My apologies for the glare- usually I'm fairly successful at limiting or eliminating glare, but not this time. oil on canvas board 8" X 6" NFS


  1. I like it to--the background is perfect for those pretty reds

  2. Thank you folks. I've now got so many small paintings for my upcoming shows, I need frames. Anybody know someone who can loan me some? (KIDDING! I'll never forget your generosity in helping out someone in need!)

  3. I bet these are first to sell at your show.
    I like your vantage point, as if you had to take the effort to look into a bramble of vines to find the reward.