Saturday, July 10, 2010

Father's Pride

I'm interrupting my cherry series to post an image I just painted for a show I'll be in this October at the Columbia Art Gallery. Tentatively (I believe) it's called "Childhood Remembered". This scene is something I saw several years ago in Capitan's ( a SMALL town in NM) 4th of July parade. oil on canvas 14" X 11" NFS until the show


  1. He paints landscape! He paints cherries! he paints cherries on fire! He paints memories--is there nothing he can't paint? no!

  2. thanks Celeste- I enjoy painting just about any subject. If you're in the H.R. area in August, you can see a mini- show of my nudes at the gallery. The area I'm weakest in- plein air- is something I would have gotten a lot of good from Comacho's workshop. I think it might have loosened me up some.