Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Little Porkers

A couple of weeks ago, our Tuesday painting group was invited to a site on Underwood Mtn. in S. Washington. The farmers there are raising a dozen or so pigs. General opinion was that they "are sure cute". Naturally, I photographed them with the idea of painting them later. oil on stretched canvas 14" X 11" $300 unframed


  1. This is brilliant Todd, the lighting and composition are excellent. You should paint more pigs! :)

  2. Great composition and light and shadow! Who can resist a pig painting??

  3. Thank you Caroline and Elizabeth; as for painting more pigs, I have a couple more photos that have interesting compositions and which I'll probably paint at some point. But I have to say that I meet most pigs in the grocery store. Farmers in these parts generally concentrate on various fruits, some of which are coming in season!